The school

Due to COVID 19 both our full time and part time School are no longer running. Applications for the full time school will re-open once the COVID 19 restriction have lifted. We are running several online schools please head to that page to see how you can join us.

School of 

The Heart

Are you passionate about God and want to go deeper in intimacy with Him? Are you willing to remove anything that hinders that deeper call of intimacy? On this school you will be encouraged to embark upon a transformational journey that goes deeper into knowing and experiencing our Father God. 


This school is for anyone who is looking for authentic encounters and revelation of God.


Are you ready to have your heart healed and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to walk out your destiny in Christ?

School of


Father God is calling His sons and daughters to be revealed in the earth full of love, glory and character to impact the nations.


Do you want to see a greater measure of Heaven released in your world? Are you looking to be equipped by the power of the Holy Spirit to walk out your calling and to impact the world around you?

Coming to the School of Presence will affect your heart, character and gifting. If you are hungry for encounter, God's presence and to be transformed then you will find it here. 

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